10 Tips for Modifying Matic Motorcycles

Modifikasi Sepeda Motor Matic
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Otofrend - Who says automatic motorcycles are only suitable for mothers or mothers? You who (feel) have a young soul, you can also look fierce and frightening on the streets by using an automatic motorbike. The trick is to modify it in such a way that it looks cooler and more charming.

Want to Modify Motor Matic? You Can Peek These 10 Tips

1. Modified, the Yamaha NMax looks more fierce like a cruiser motorbike.

This Yamaha automatic motorbike has been modified by the owner with a choice of desert brown color which makes the motorbike even more fierce and anti-mainstream when roaming the streets. Don't forget the owner also modified the front of the motorbike by changing the handlebars wider, adding a light and charger button panel, and a number of other cool modifications.

2. Not a supermoto, this bike is a modification of the Yamaha Mio!

Who would have thought this one motorbike was an automatic motorbike. Yes, thanks to the creativity of the owner, this motorbike has turned 180 degrees into a cool and fierce supermoto matic.

3. Yamaha NMax modified like Bumblebee. Super cool and charming right?

Still a 'big' automatic motorcycle from Yamaha. This motorbike has changed its appearance by giving it a different and striking paint touch. So if you observe, maybe you seem to see a super sophisticated car in the Transformer science fiction film, Bumblebee. That's so cool!

4. Besides being cool, this Vario Techno 125 modification also seems suitable for those of you who are just learning to ride a motorcycle.

You see, the owner of this motorbike does provide two additional tires at the back that make the motorbike more balanced when driving. It's not weird, in fact, the extra tires on the back make this bike even cooler and more special. As if the motor looks like a car.

5. In this case, the Honda Vario Techno has changed its appearance to be more like the Honda CB. That's cool!

Don't tell me you were confused when you saw this bike for the first time? Indeed, the appearance of this motorbike is quite confusing, because from the front it looks more like a Honda CB than Honda's automatic motorbike, the Vario Techno 125. 

6. The appearance of the Honda Scoopy automatic motorbike becomes more classic after being modified

The classic Honda Scoopy automatic motorbike doesn't need to be questioned anymore! But, if you see the appearance of this one motorbike, you are guaranteed to be stunned. The reason is, the classic Scoopy is more obvious with the choice of a leather seat model and the use of wheels with a larger and jumbo diameter size!

7. It looks more fierce, the appearance of this large Yamaha NMax automatic motorbike.

It's not just modified, the Yamaha NMax is already cool, right? Especially if it is modified with a model like this! It looks more fierce and anti-mainstream! The seat is the proof, it makes you feel like driving an automatic motorbike from the future.

8. If you modify your Yamaha Mio like this, you are guaranteed to be the center of attention on the streets!

Carrying a bright red color with a series of frames in several parts of the motorbike, your automatic motorbike will look even cooler. Guaranteed, you will be the center of attention if you modify the appearance of your motorbike like this.

9. Who says your tiny Honda Beat isn't suitable for touring? Here's the proof.

It's so small in size, it's rare for people to want to use the Honda Beat for touring. However, if you modify the appearance so that it looks like this, it is guaranteed that you can take an automatic motorbike touring around the island of Java or Indonesia as well.

10. Making the Honda Vario Techno 125 flatter could be a great idea!

Making the automatic motor more flat can be a modification option for you. You can change the appearance of the Honda Vario Techno 125, whose appearance has been high so far, you can change it to be shorter. Sweeten your short look or flatter your motorbike by adding cool accessories such as standard springs like in this photo.

Well, those are ten photos of automatic motorbike modifications that you can use as ideas or inspiration to upgrade the appearance of your favorite mounts. Which modification idea are you going to apply to your automatic motorbike, guys?

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