Tips for Easy Ways to Clean Motorcycle Carburetor

Tips Cara Mudah Membersihkan Karburator Motor Sendiri dengan Baik

Otofrend - The carburetor is the most important motor component in the combustion process, the function of the carburetor itself is to unite air and fuel which will then be channeled into the combustion chamber. For mechanics, it may be familiar with the term carburetor. in production it is rare to use a carburetor now the times have advanced and the technology used is also advanced. Most of today's motorcycles already use EFI technology (or the abbreviation for Electric Fuel Injection) or computerized fuel.

If the carburetor is having a problem, for example, if it gets water in or it's too dirty, the motor usually won't turn on or the engine stutters.

Therefore, for those of you who still use a motorcycle and use a carburetor, it is necessary to have maintenance so that the performance of the motor remains excellent. In addition, it is also to protect the carburetor from zapping and other materials that try to get into the carburetor, causing the carburetor to not work properly. Carburetor maintenance is actually quite easy, you just need to clean it regularly which will make the motor always stay prime.

Actually, to clean the carburetor itself, there are 2 ways, the first is the manual method and the second is how to use a special Carb Cleaner fluid for motorbikes, which can be purchased at a motorcycle shop. for the manual method, of course, which I will explain below, but for the method using carb cleaner liquid, I will discuss it in the next post, namely:

Tips and Correct Ways to Clean Carburetor with Carbu Cleaner

Here I want to share information that I quoted from the site, about how to clean the carburetor, I hope it can help you.

1. You can first remove the blurator from the holder

The first, of course, is that you have to remove the motorbike from the parking lot, find a place that has an even position, you can use the middle standard. After that you can remove the carburetor from the manifold / holder.

2. Open the carburetor bowl and then clean it.

After you open the carburetor from its place, then you open the carburetor bowl and see the deposits that are formed or there is water contamination in the bowl, you can clean it using a brush and rinse with fuel (gasoline). The purpose of using gasoline as a rinse to be cleaner.

3. You Can Remove the pilot jet then clean it.

After that you go to another section, try to remove the pilot jet after that you clean it by blowing the hole as hard as possible. Or you can also use a compressor if you have the tool.

4. Open the carburetor bowl and clean it.

Try you can remove the main jet contained in the carburetor then you can clean it by blowing the hole as hard as possible. you can also use a compressor if you have the equipment.

5. Remove the needle jet and clean.

Then if the above was clean, you can remove the needle jet and clean the part by blowing the hole as hard as possible. Don't forget to also clean the carburetor body and blow the holes on the muzzle of the carburetor so that there is no dirt that clogs the air flow, you can also use a compressor to get a strong blow.

6. Finish, you Assemble again and attach it to its original place.

If you have done all of the things above and feel that it is clean from the dirt that clogs the carburetor, after that you can reassemble the carburetor that you disassembled earlier. Do not forget to adjust the fuel mixture setting again.

Thus the information that discusses the Tips for Easy Ways to Clean a Motorcycle Carburetor, hopefully it will be useful

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