Tips for Choosing a Motorcycle For Daily

Tips Memilih Motor Matic

Otofrend - Riding a motorized vehicle is actually a necessity, whose goal is to make life easier. Especially for those who live in the capital, who have high mobility and are familiar with traffic jams. Hence, motorbikes are the mainstay of transportation for the people of the capital.

With its various advantages, motorbikes have more value, especially when facing traffic jams which have always been a major problem in Jakarta.

Motorcycle manufacturers in Indonesia are now competing in responding to the needs of the community by producing motorbikes with the best quality, cool looks, and of course that accommodates the needs of the community.

However, because of the large number of motorcycles on the market, it often makes people confused in making choices. For those of you who prioritize performance, comfort, and safety, an automatic motorbike can be the right choice for your high-mobility daily activities.

This type of motorbike is indeed one of the best-selling types and has received recognition from the people of Indonesia. If you want to make this automatic motorbike a daily vehicle, you should not make the wrong choice.

First, identify the advantages of each motor. Here are some of the advantages of automatic motorbikes that can be your guide in making choices.

Easier to drive

As a motor matic user, you no longer need to bother shifting gears or pressing the clutch lever. You just turn the gas grip to go. Hence, this condition spoils you more than other types of motorbikes because they are easier to drive. This of course will also provide comfort when driving alone, or when riding together.

 High tech

Of course when choosing a motorbike, you don't just want comfort. This comfort will be even better if it is accompanied by the latest technology on the motorbike. New technology can usually provide more value to maximize motor performance.

You should choose a motorcycle that has installed blue core technology on its product, because this technology can provide maximum performance for your motorcycle engine but still make gasoline burning as effective as possible, so it remains fuel efficient. Motors with this technology are also more environmentally friendly.

 No less fast

By choosing an automatic motorbike, it doesn't mean you can't drive fast. Motor matic can also be stretched fast. Especially now that there are many automatic motorcycles equipped with high 'cc' engines, such as 125cc and 150cc.

One of the motorcycle manufacturers in Indonesia has now presented its superior automatic motorbike, the NMax 155 2018. This motorbike is presented with a new generation 155cc engine equipped with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA).

Not to forget, the 2018 NMax 155 already uses blue core technology, so the engine performance is more leverage and is equipped with a fuel injection system, making this motorbike even more economical.

NMax also presents a motorcycle variant that is equipped with the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), which helps the rider maximize braking control. A new elegant gold sub tank suspension is also installed on this motorbike, making the driving experience more comfortable and stable in various road conditions.

The 2018 NMax 155 has 4 new color variants that are increasingly varied and more elegant, including matte black and matte gray with gold wheels, blue with black wheels, and white with silver wheels.

If you want a comfortable and high-performance matic, the 2018 NMax 155 can be a late choice. Agree?

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