Tips for Caring for Kawasaki Ninja RR Motorcycles

Tips Merawat Motor Ninja RR

Otofrend - Often, the owner of a vehicle does not know or even does not understand at all how to care for his vehicle. What's more, vehicle owners think that taking care of it requires special skills so they feel lazy to learn even just to know about it. In this article, I will explain for you how to take care of the Kawasaki Ninja RR motorcycle to keep it in top shape.

These are simple tips, anyone can do it.

Actually caring for any type of motor in general is practically easy, there are no specific ways to do it.

I'll give you an example of how you take care of your motorbike, for example:

Changing the oil, the standard is to change the engine oil every four weeks. If you change the side oil, it depends on the usage.

If used like today's young people who like speeding, changing engine oil is still the standard once every 3-4 weeks.

That is the most common way to do it.

Before I explain further about how to take care of the Kawasaki Ninja RR 150 cc motorbike, it's a good idea to give a little overview of the advantages and disadvantages of one of these Kawasaki products.

Why did I do this?

Maybe by knowing the advantages and disadvantages of your motorbike at least, it will make you more enthusiastic in caring for and maintaining the condition of the motorbike to keep it healthy and prime.

Just that.

Okay, These are the advantages and disadvantages of the Kawasaki Ninja RR 150cc

Advantages of Ninja RR

Power is one of the mainstays for this type 2 tax motorbike. Likewise with the Ninja RR which is arguably great for its speed and power reliability. The combustion process that occurs in each crankshaft makes the 2-tax motor power evenly from the bottom to the top rotation.

The latest Ninja 150 2 tax which is equipped with Super KIPS and HSAS technology makes it capable of going up to a maximum speed of 170 to 190 km / h. This makes it difficult to match if not by a motorbike with an engine capacity of 250 cc and above. My experience driving this Ninja RR motorcycle makes me have to admit when the bottom rotation of this bike is really crazy and deserves a thumbs up. very top..

Super KIPS and HSAS technology which is the mainstay of the Ninja RR motorbike can minimize exhaust gas and produce more stable power both in high engine speed or low engine speed.

The sound of the 2 tax motorcycle exhaust often causes a loud noise. Now for the Ninja RR, it has an exhaust with a softer and friendlier sound.

Disadvantages of Ninja RR

Of course, because the power generated is so great that the fuel that is released is also quite a lot. And that's exactly what happened with the Ninja RR. Fuel is quite wasteful. Combustion system that is only two steps makes the engine require more fuel intake.

Not only that, the addition of side oil on this 2 stroke type motor requires a lubricant/side oil that functions as a mixture in the fuel because this engine uses a simple combustion. It is certain that spending on side oil is a challenge for this type of motorcyclist.

Super KIPS which became the mainstay of the Ninja RR turned out to have several weaknesses. For example, it is often jammed because it is dirty. This can be overcome by cleaning Super KIPS regularly.

The Kawasaki Ninja RR is very difficult to drive slowly. Worse yet, if the road conditions are jammed, the temperature will rise so that it can cause the engine to become very hot and even the engine/engine stuck (over heat) can occur.

Those are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Kawasaki Ninja RR motorcycle.

I return to the subject, regarding How to Take Care of the Ninja RR150cc.

A simple question arises, why should I take care of it, why not just take it to an expert at an official workshop?

That's right, your thoughts on this are very reasonable and very understandable. Going to the repair shop and we just sit still is a better thing to do. Finished ..

But there are things that maybe not many people understand, when we ourselves can handle and maintain a motorbike without relying on an expert it is much more interesting.

Not only that, there is a sense of pride when we can do motorcycle maintenance without involving other people. That's so different.

More importantly, this simple treatment does not require serious expertise, the important thing is that there is a will. One more thing, you don't have to pay a fee to pay for the experts.

It's great..

However, it all comes down to how you judge it. You can take care of yourself or rely on someone else. Whatever.

If you want to take care of it yourself, maybe this article will be very helpful for you. But if you choose to take it to a repair shop, just ignore this post.

I will give you some tips for caring for your 2 tax motorbike, here are the steps for you.

How to take care of Ninja RR 150cc Super KIPS

  • Check Engine Oil Condition

As explained above, that the most standard thing to do in motorcycle maintenance is to change engine oil.

This is very easy to do.

Engine oil that functions as lubrication on your motorcycle engine will be better if it is done at least once every 4 weeks.

Not only that, disc oil or brake oil should also be your concern. Check and fill or add if you feel the oil has decreased or run out.

The most important thing about how to take care of the Ninja RR is to always check the engine oil regularly. When maintenance and checking of engine oil is neglected, be prepared for the sound of your Ninja motorcycle engine to be rough.

Brabe again, right?

  • Always add side oil
2 tax motors are always synonymous with side oil. As a lubricant for the piston and piston handlebars, side oil is very, very important.
      Never run out of side oil because it will cause fatal things to your Ninja RR engine.
          For the volume itself, you can adjust it, don't be too economical and don't be too wasteful, which is the cause if it's too economical it can make the motor overhead or overheat, if it's too wasteful it can make the motorbike smoke.

          • Clean Carburetor
          This carburetor is useful for supplying fuel. If the condition of the carburetor is dirty or not maintained, it will have an impact on the speed of the motor being unstable, or worse, the engine will break down and die.
              This happens because the supply of fuel coming out of the carburetor is unstable, causing ignition to be disrupted.
                  If you just leave the carburetor dirty and untreated, the carburetor will get stuck and often jammed. As a result, the carburetor does not function properly.

                  • Check Coil and Spark Plug Wires
                  Oftentimes this is overlooked, even though the coil and spark plug wires are just as important a device as any other.
                      Now, try to pay attention to the presence of the coil wire that connects the electric current to the spark plug. Quickly replace cables that look old and have a lot of cracks and hardening in the cables. Don't forget to pay attention to the presence of spark plugs because spark plugs are vital for the smooth running of a vehicle engine.

                      • Pay Attention to Blocks and Heads
                      The crust from the remnants of the hardened and clotted side oil will become dirt on this head.
                          The use of side oil that is not of good quality will be clearly illustrated here. Usually if you use a good side oil, there will only be a small amount of crust that is visible, but on the contrary if you use a cheap or fake side oil, the scale will be clearly visible with the black color.
                              Clean the block and head regularly so that the crust from the rest of the dirt is always gone and the head condition is maintained and clean.

                              • Check Accu
                              Accu, this section is a source of electricity that is so important for every existing vehicle.
                                  Without batteries, the electrical system will not run normally. As in the headlights, turn signal, horn, starter and others.
                                      Always check the battery water, add it immediately if you feel it is lacking and replace the battery if it is weak and doesn't work properly anymore.

                                      • Radiator
                                      On this type of 2 tax motorbike that uses a radiator/water cooler like the Kawasaki Ninja RR, make sure the condition and volume of the radiator water is always in sufficient condition to avoid over-head or excessive heat. Check periodically.

                                      • Check Chain and Gear
                                      Do not let the chain is too loose or too tight.
                                          Too loose can make the chain dislodge from the gear, while too tight can cause the chain to break easily.
                                              Both can be fatal for you.
                                                  Also check the condition of the gear, if it looks sharp or if it feels sharp, replace it immediately. If it is not immediately replaced, the chain can suddenly break in the middle of the road. That would be very dangerous.

                                                  • Pay Attention to the Exhaust Sound
                                                  This is often overlooked.
                                                      The sound in the exhaust is rarely noticed, and is very unfortunate.
                                                          The exhaust on the Ninja RR seems to be in a slightly lower position so there is a possibility of it getting stuck when there is a damaged road or speed bumps. Moreover, the modified motor is usually the position of the motor becomes shorter.
                                                              If there is a leak in the exhaust, it is usually marked with a less crisp/rounded engine sound and a cracked sound.
                                                                  Check the exhaust neck, because that section gets a lot of heat from the engine, often there is porous and rusty which eventually leaks there.
                                                                      Double check and replace immediately if needed.

                                                                      • Regular checks on KIPS
                                                                      For this KIPS maintenance, every three months it must be checked, cleaned. In addition, to keep KIPS clean, the motor must be driven to a minimum of 7,000 rpm.
                                                                          At least, geber twice a day to a minimum of rpm.
                                                                              As is known, the new Super KIPS will open at high engine speed, precisely when it reaches 7,000 rpm. If it is less than that, then over time KIPS will crust. If that happens, then the performance decreases, it feels like a leaking exhaust. The motor feels no pull.
                                                                                  That's what I can explain about how to take care of Ninja RR.
                                                                                      In addition to my advice, do a major service for about 6 months or more to check the overall condition of the motor.
                                                                                          If you do that, then your Kawasaki Ninja RR motorcycle will always appear in a safe and excellent condition.
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