Solutions and Causes of Hard Motorcycle Clutch

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Otofrend - Having a clutch motorcycle is indeed a matter of pride for us. But, what is the meaning of pride if we ourselves find it difficult to ride this motorbike.

One of them is a hard clutch related problem. A hard clutch not only makes it difficult for us to control the motor but also drains us twice as much.

So, why is that? What caused it ? and what is the solution? check the article below.

The clutch system is a series of components that have the main task of disconnecting and connecting engine power to the gearbox quickly and gently.

How it works, by utilizing friction media. So there are three main components in the clutch, namely the pressure plate, main gear and clutch plate.

The pressure plate and main gear are made of solid iron, as well as the ceramic clutch plate which has a large frictional force. The position of the clutch plate is in the middle between the pressure plate and the main gear, so that when these two plates rotate, the clutch plate also rotates.

The clutch plate can rotate (when pinched by two other plates) because there is a compressive force generated by several springs contained in the pressure plate.

When we pull the clutch lever, then we are indirectly pulling the spring collection so that the pressure plate does not press the clutch plate. And the clutch plate can be freed.

From here we can see, where lies the problem of the clutch lever which is heavy when pulled. But, it's not just the spring that can cause the clutch to be heavy.

Causes of Clutch Hard when pulled

The clutch can feel hard because of things like the following;

1. Clutch cable is bent/bent

Most of the motor clutch still uses a mechanical system in its propulsion. Or in other words, still use the cable wire to connect the clutch lever with the clutch.

This cable consists of two main components, namely a flexible wire that serves to connect the movement of the clutch lever and a sheath that serves as a place for the flexible wire to move.

If the position of this cable is straight, it will be very easy to move because the force is straight / there is no bending of the force. But if it bends, the wire is still easy to move because the sheath is hard.

But if the indentation of this cable is excessive, we will automatically have difficulty pulling the wire. Because there is a style deflection that is too extreme. So the clutch lever will feel heavier.

2. There is rust on the clutch wire (along the clutch cable)

Rust can form on any type of metal, including steel coupling cables. If there is a wire in the coupling wire, it will automatically be a barrier to the movement of the wire.

Because this rust will close the wire with the sheath. So when we pull the clutch lever, it feels heavier/harder.

The question is, why is there rust in the clutch wire?

This happens usually because there is water that gets into the clutch cable wire and the water causes the wire to oxidize and produce rust.

This water could have entered, given the position of the wires on the outside of the motor. When washing or when it rains, that's the moment where water can enter.

3. The hinge part of the clutch lever is rusty

Apart from the cable, the clutch lever can also rust. Especially on the hinges. If this applies to motorbikes that have been parked for a long time.

When first used, do not be surprised the clutch will be heavy. In addition to rust, hinges also become stiffer so that they are more drag.

4. Due to the modification of the clutch spring

Especially for oprekan motorcycles, usually for maximum performance the clutch system will be modified to compensate for engine performance.

If the engine has been upgraded, usually the clutch spring will be replaced with a harder one so that the clutch does not slip when holding a stronger engine rotation.

But the effect, the clutch lever will feel heavy and quite tiring if we use this bike for a long duration. Therefore, for those of you who buy a used motorbike and it turns out the clutch is heavy. It could be that the spring has been replaced with a harder type.

How to Overcome Heavy Clutch?

To lighten the clutch, we can do a few things below;

  1. Check the clutch wire groove, if there is a sharp bend then that is the source of the problem. You need to straighten it out.
  2. Disconnect the clutch cable and lubricate it with oil or WD-40. If possible, use oil with a high SAE/low oil so that it can get all the way into the clutch cable wire.
  3. You also need to lubricate the hinges, not only the lever hinges but the hinges on the clutch tub. You also need to lubricate them with oil.
  4. If the clutch is still hard, replace the clutch spring with a lighter one.

If the clutch feels light, riding the motorbike is much more enjoyable and doesn't drain a lot of energy. So the motor is like ready to tour.

This is a complete and clear article regarding the causes and how to deal with heavy/hard clutches.

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