KM Satria Fu Guide For Service

Panduan KM Satria Fu Untuk Service

Otofrend - Before the injection version is released, we first caress the variants that still exist since 2004 until now. Yup, AUTOMOTIVE wants to invite readers to service the Suzuki Satria F150 carburetor every 2,500 km, the main menu is of course cleaning the carburetor and changing the oil.

"Don't forget to change the oil filter too, every 7,500 km or every 3 times the engine oil change. But remember that if you change the oil filter, the volume of engine oil must also be added by 100 ml," warned Indrawan Subekti, the chief mechanic of Suzuki Sejahtera Motor Gemilang (SMG) in Sunter, Jakut.

Next check the spark plug gap, "Clean and pay attention to the gap. Ideally, 0.8 mm, if it has passed this tolerance, it must be reset and replaced

the spark plugs on this motorbike are every multiple of 8,000 km," continued Indrawan, his nickname.

The fun thing is, because the cylinder head adheres to DOHC construction, the valve clearance is adjusted with a shim, so checking this section is very rarely done, “Rarely because it is very durable. Unless there is a noise in the cylinder head, we will dismantle it at the same time as a big service, "said the friendly man who is loyal to this middle parted hairstyle.

The air filter also requires minimal maintenance because it is already a wet type, so it is not recommended to clean it especially until it is sprayed using an air compressor. If it is dirty, replace it immediately, you should do it regularly every multiple of 12,000 km.

After cleaning the carburetor, don't forget to adjust the wind at two and a half turns and keep it idling at 1,400 rpm, do it using a min screwdriver. Continue with checking tire pressure and lubricating the chain so it doesn't make noise.

Oh yes, as additional information, friend, it turns out that the final gear on the Satria F150 Euro 3 with the previous generation has differences so they cannot be exchanged, the difference is in the front gear locking clip and rear gear holder.

One more thing to pay attention to is the clutch cable. “Because of its location which is in direct contact with heat, rain and dust, it often becomes dragging. To clean it, simply remove the cable on the clutch handle and then apply lubricant to the end of the lower clutch cable near the engine block," said Sumardi, one of the mechanics at Suzuki SMG. Alright!

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