How to take care of a motorbike to always be in prime & durable

Cara Merawat Motor Agar Selalu Prima & Awet

Otofrend - Along with the progress of the times and current technology, motorized vehicles fill the road. So that it causes traffic jams in almost all cities on the island of Java. This is influenced by the need for mobile transportation, in addition to being relatively cheap compared to cars.

With the advancement of motorcycle engine technology, nowadays motorcycles are also strong for cross-provincial trips. Take, for example, overseas people in Jakarta who return to their hometowns mostly using motorbikes. But sometimes someone neglects to pay attention to the motorbike because of the busyness of each person's activities. For those of you who own a motorcycle, then spend a little of your time caring for it, so that higher maintenance costs are avoided.

If you want your motorbike to last longer so it doesn't cost a lot of money for maintenance, 

here are some tips for caring for it.

If Buying a New Motorcycle

Do not use to carry a load of at least 500 KM beforehand, this is important because the oil still mixes faster with metal flakes due to friction of engine components. Try to run the motorcycle at a steady speed from slow to maximum speed so that the engine lasts for the long term. Take advantage of the free maintenance provided by the dealer where you bought the motorcycle. Generally given free service and oil change 3 times. First on the KM 500, second on the KM 1000 and third on the KM 2000. That's not just a bonus, but to keep the engine life for the long term. It's not necessarily a new motorbike that doesn't have any errors in its assembly, it is necessary to check immediately after the first 500 KM of use, to find out possible errors.

Periodic maintenance (TuneUp)

Tune up needs to be done to determine the possibility of some components being scratched (worn). So that the engine settings can change due to wear and tear that occurs in certain engine components. For that you have to do a reset with a tune up to an official repair shop. Dust and dirt that are sucked in by the carburetor and settle will affect engine performance, and will be cleaned at the same time during tuneup.

Regarding when is the ideal time for a tuneup, do it every 2 months or when the kilometers have been 2000 KM. But if you feel that your motorbike doesn't feel as comfortable as usual, then do a tune-up at an official repair shop.

Oil Change

The standard viscosity of the oil used by vehicles is SAE (Society of Automotive Engineer). However, most of the oils sold have met the standards for the climate in Indonesia. So you don't have to worry about getting the wrong standard oil for your motorbike. What you need to pay attention to is when to change the right oil. This is usually already included in the information on the oil package you buy. Changing the oil beyond the mileage limit can be bad for the motor. Oil that has crossed the line will be diluted and no longer suitable. So change the oil every kilometer showing 2000 KM of travel or when you do regular maintenance.

Motor Use

Do not rush your motorcycle gas or pull the gas spontaneously. This will accelerate wear and tear on the engine chain, fuel valve, clutch, piston and piston handlebar. Especially if your motorcycle uses 4 stroke engine technology. 4 stroke engines are more complicated in the fuel system, and this is often the problem. If your motor uses manual gear, use gears according to the motor speed. If the road is uphill, the motor needs more power, so reduce the gear with a more suitable one. If the motor is just starting to run, don't immediately use 4th gear, but start from 1st gear. This affects the piston handlebar, piston, clutch and engine chain (4 steps).

Tips: Apply the tradition of heating the engine first before use, if the motor has been idle for 8 hours or more. If the motor has been idle for a long time, the oil will come back down from the narrow sections and collect in the oil tank. Heating this engine so that the oil flows back into the engine parts that need to be lubricated. Especially for this type of 4 stroke engine, because this type of engine only relies on engine oil only.

Note: Do not warm up the engine for too long, just 5 minutes. This is not good for air cooled engines. Because if the engine is running for a long time and the motor is not running, the engine will not get good cooling.

Thanks hope it's useful :)

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