How to Disassemble the Motor Engine Correctly

Cara Bongkar Mesin Motor Dengan Benar

Otofrend - In this sophisticated era, many of us are still technologically savvy aka (technological stuttering) about the problem of disassembling the engine and how to set the engine so that the performance of our motorcycles becomes better, here I am as a humble article writer who wants to share knowledge about how to disassemble and install the engine properly, since I also have a hobby in motorcycle engines, especially in the HONDA brand.

First of all, it is mandatory for a technician or what we often call mechanics to have adequate tools, as I demonstrated as follows:

1. Tang

2. Plus (+) and minus (-) screwdrivers

3. Hammer

4. Wrench (8,9,10,12,14,17,19,22,24)

5. Lock ring (8,9,10,12,14,17,19,22,24)

6. Screwdriver tap 1 set

7. Shock wrench 1 set

8. T lock 1 set

9. Circlip pliers

10. Filler gauge

11. motor magnet opening tractor

12. Special sprocket nut opening tool

Steps to disassemble the Honda motorcycle engine type cub 100cc

STEP 1: The cylinder block and cylinder head parts

A. Disassemble the carburetor by removing 2 10mm bolts using a 10 . ring wrench

B. Remove the exhaust and spark plugs and then remove the timing chain gear by opening the timing gear cover. Align the marker on the timing gear with the fit on the cylinder head and make sure it is in a neutral or compression position by turning the magnetic nut using a 14mm T wrench towards the front and looking at the letter magnet ( T ). Unscrew the two timing gear fixing bolts on the camshaft, then remove the timing gear outward.

C. Unscrew the mounting bolt on the left side of the cylinder head with the "plot bolt and in the middle there is a plus (+) screwdriver holder using a 10 mm wrench".

D. Unscrew the 4 cylinder head fastening nuts just behind the front wheels, using a 10 mm shock wrench

E. Remove the cylinder head from the cylinder block

F. Unscrew the timing roller retaining bolt using a 10mm T wrench, on the cylinder block, remove the timing roller to the left.

G. Remove the cylinder block from the crank case towards the front

H. Remove the piston pin retaining kip using a small flat-blade screwdriver or using long-mouthed pliers

I.remove the piston pin

STEP 2: Magnet Part

A. Open the left magnetic tub using an 8 mm T wrench, but don't forget to open the gear shift pedal first with a 10 mm spanner.

B. Remove the magnetic nut using a 14 mm shock wrench, and use special tools or often called a magnet tracker to remove the magnet. see picture below:

C. Remove the starter gear using criclip pliers and the rubber starter chain retainer using a minus (-) screwdriver slightly prying it out

D. Remove the spi magnet using a flat-head screwdriver and hammer, align the screwdriver bits and beat the screwdriver until the spi is released.

E. Remove the starter gear at the same time

F. Unscrew the fastening bolt on the large timing chain cover using a screwdriver

H. Remove the timing chain cover, then remove the small timing wheel and then remove the timing chain from the timing gear.

STEP 3: Clutch Part

A. Unscrew the oil drain bolt using a 17mm shock wrench and collect the oil into the container provided

B. Unscrew the standad footrest bolts on the machine as many as 4 pieces using a 12mm shock wrench

C. Open the kick starter using a 12mm ring wrench

D. Unscrew the clutch tub bolt using a T 8 mm wrench of approximately 10 pieces

E. Then release the clutch tub slowly

F. Unscrew the oil filter bolt on the sprocket or double clutch as much as 3 pieces with an 8mm T wrench or with a screwdriver, then remove the filter cover

G. Remove the safety claw on the sporket fastening nut by prying it towards the right or left so that it no longer holds the tie nut

H. Unscrew the fastening nut using special tools (it is recommended not to use a chisel or one that can make a propeller shaft)

I. Unscrew the 2 oil catcher bowl fixing bolts on the clutch canvas housing using a 10mm T wrench

A. Remove the bearing on the clutch canvas housing

K. Unscrew the clutch canvas housing fastening nut using spatial tools

L. Remove the clutch housing and sprocket set simultaneously using both hands facing outwards

STEP 4: Removing the crank case

A. Remove the front gear fixing bolt using a T wrench 10mm

B. Remove the engine fastening bolts using 3 14mm shock locks and the engine is ready to be removed from the frame

C. Remove the spring on the kick starter shaft using circlip pliers

D. Unscrew the crank case bolts approximately 8 to 10 bolts using an 8mm T wrench on the left side of the crankcase

E. Remove the crank case

F. Remove the crankshaft from the crank case

G. Remove the Gear ratio at the same time to the outside and wrap it if you don't want the ratio to be scattered later.

Wash all dirty parts using premium and clean the surface of the crank case and cylinder head and others that are different from the gasket, if the gasket is damaged, clean the surface of the gasket.

At the time of installation

do the opposite "install it with the path I made earlier with the reverse process",

Which one is disassembled first will be installed later?

Easy isn't it??

That's the information I can provide, I hope it is useful for readers who want to disassemble the machine themselves, if there are still shortcomings in writing on this blog, I apologize because humans are not perfect hehehe.

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