How to disassemble the order of the head into the cylinder

Cara Bongkar Urutan Head Ke Silinder

Otofrend - I will share knowledge about disassembling the order of the head to the cylinder

Btw please pay attention to the steps below:

1. Remove the spark plug + cap / bolt to adjust the valve (it looks like a round hat) using a 19" wrench if I'm not mistaken.

2. Remove the chain link using a standard 8" or 10" wrench.

3. Remove the cylinder head nut using a 12" wrench if the Vega R is wrong or adjust it to the size of the nut.

4. Pull the cylinder head towards the front. Finished.

Tips & Warnings:

1. After removing the gear chain, tie the chain link that is detached from the gear at the end that comes out using raffia rope. This is so that the keteng chain doesn't come loose from the gear bag below/crutches, because it's a bit difficult to put it on, bro. After the cylinder head is released, this strap can be removed or not, it's up to you.

2. If it is desired to remove the cylinder block, please pay attention to the position of the piston ring during installation, because if the piston ring is 3 layers, the position of the piston ring gap needs to be considered so that the balance of the back and forth motion of the piston is not disturbed (360° divided by 3 = 120°, so reassembling the ring piston, the gap between the piston rings 1, 2 & 3 must be at an angle of 120°).

3. Will the valve also be removed? If so, pay attention to the initial position of the valve before removing it, put a mark so that when reinstalling it is not necessary to process the valve curing, because if the valve is removed, you must install it carelessly because the valve cannot sit perfectly, as if it has not been disassembled, it can cause compression leaks. If it's like this, if you want it or not, you have to re-skur the valve. But if you really intend to clean the crust on the in & ex mk holes, the skur process must be done.

4. For keys/tools, you should use a ring & pretentious type of lock so that the bolts are not easily damaged. Except for difficult positions, you can use a wrench.

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