How to Disassemble the V-belt Motorcycle

Cara Bongkar V-belt Motor Matic

Otofrend - Hello, automotive lovers, on this occasion I want to share information about how to replace the V belt yourself at home, so friends don't have to go to the workshop while studying, it's also good for savings, you know in difficult times. For friends who want to replace the V belt and roller on his own favorite scooter CVT, maybe my writing can be a description of what needs to be prepared and done later.

In changing the V belt and rollers, it is usually done clean and clean in the CVT area such as centrifugal clutch pads and applying grease to the secondary pully or the active CVT side but can't get to the V belt because it will cause slippage.

Tools that you must prepare

  • T wrench 8 mm
  • Screwdriver (+) big eyes
  • Screwdriver (+) small eyes
  • Sock Lock 17 mm
  • Socket Wrench 24 mm
  • Handlebar Sok
  • CVT Pully Tracker
  • New V-Belt CVT
  • New rollers
  • Grease/Fat

How to disassemble it as follows:

  • Open the side cover and top cover by removing the 8 mm bolt with an 8 mm T wrench and two screws with a large (+) screwdriver
  • Removing the inner side of the filter element from the cover
  • Unscrew the filter cover fastener bolt and the air duct clamp and then remove the filter cover
  • Unscrew the air duct fastener and remove the air duct
  • Unscrew all the crankcase cover fastening bolts or the CVT cover with a T 8 key and then open the CVT Cover
  • After the CVT is open, just open the front side of the CVT pully by using a 17 mm socket wrench and the tracker pully as a holder so that the pully does not rotate until the nut can be removed
  • Unscrew the nut and retaining ring with Sheave primary fixed or pully on the outside of the drive pully / main by using a 17 mm socket wrench if you don't have a tracker you can put an iron or bolt where one end is placed on the inside fin and the other end on the wall top of the CVT . block
  • Remove the V belt from the secondary pully and keep it out
  • Open the Primery sliding seave comp or the roller housing with the other side then clean it from the dust attached with a compressor spray or maybe by using a brush
  • It looks like the roller and its housing are very dirty with crust, clean the roller housing and replace the roller with a new one
  • Unscrew the centrifugal clutch using a 24 mm socket wrench with a CVT tracker, below are the steps to remove it without using a tracker, you must be careful because the tool is not standard.
  • Remove the secondary pully with the clutch from the axle gear box
  • Open the clutch lining from the secondary pulley with the clutch wrench and do the cleaning and then grease it.
After all the parts are cleaned and greased then do the reassembly with the reverse step of disassembling and replacing the parts with new ones on the roller and v belt. here because the pack was broken so I used the last one.

That's what I can convey to all my colleagues, if there are questions about your motorcycle, you can enter a comment in the column below and thank you

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