How to Change Motorcycle Brake Fluid

Cara Mengganti Minyak Rem Motor

Otofrend - Every motorcycle marketed in Indonesia must be equipped with a braking system in which the brake system is interconnected with one another that strives to reduce the speed of the vehicle or slow down the rotation of the wheels on the motorcycle.

It's a different thing if the engine has been modified, upgraded, of course, you need more qualified braking. So that the motor that we drive at high speed so that it doesn't go wrong because of poor brake ability. Usually, maybe because the motor has run out of brake oil or something else Well, on this occasion I would like to share information that discusses what steps are taken to change the disc brake oil on a motorcycle that you may have been looking for all this time.

Equipment for Changing Brake Fluid

  • A flower screwdriver (+) which has a medium size (not too big and not too small, while the function of preparing a screwdriver is to open the brake master lid).
  • Next is the scoop where the dipper contains enough water, this scoop is used to clean brake fluid
  • A rag or cloth dipped in clean water, this cloth or cloth will later be used to clean brake fluid in the event of a spill
  • You also prepare a small transparent hose, your purpose in preparing this hose is to check for fake air from the disc brake hose
  • Dot3/Dot4 brake fluid that you can buy at the nearest computer shop

Steps to Fill Disc Motor Brake Oil

The first step that must be done is that you can start to open the bolt on the brake master with a screwdriver or screwdriver + which has been prepared beforehand.

Then after it is open you can enter the brake fluid that you bought at the nearest repair shop in your city (Dot3/Dot4 brake oil) into the brake master slowly, don't put it all in, little by little

The brake fluid that you put into the brake master will then go to the hose on the disc brake caliper nipple

Don't forget to pump the brake handle continuously until it feels hard,

If the brake handle feels hard, you hold the brake handle, then you can open/loose the bolt on the caliper nipple slowly until there is brake fluid and air bubbles coming out, then tighten the nipple again.

Now, until the disc brake fluid is full, you can do steps 5 and 6 until the bubbles in the hose have disappeared and the distance to the brake handle is approximately between ± 2 - 3 cm, add more brake fluid if the capacity is reduced. (filing plays a role here hehe)

In doing the steps above, you can do it slowly or carefully, why should you be careful ...? the goal is none other than so that the brake fluid does not spill on the motorcycle parts made of painted plastic, because if the brake fluid hits the material (eg body, or paint), it will damage the material and paint.

If there is an accident/brake fluid spill (accidentally), then you can do it as soon as possible by wiping it with a cloth that has been dipped in water, and wipe the brake fluid clean on the spilled part earlier.

After you feel that the results are maximum, you can close the brake master bolt again and check the hardness again, if it really fits and is like the beginning before you opened it, then you can tighten the brake master bolts and the nipple on the brake calipers.

So how…? It's quite easy, isn't it how to install or replace the brake fluid on the motorbike that we have, the method above applies to all motorbikes, be it automatic motorbikes or duck motorbikes.

thank you may be useful :)

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