Choosing and Replacing Motor Sokbreker

Memilih dan Mengganti Sokbreker Motor

Otofrend - Causes of Damage The shock absorber or suspension system on the motorbike is a component that often wears out when we often overload our motorbikes with extreme loads such as riding in three, loading a lot of goods (such as merchandise such as onions, bananas, etc.).

Sokbreker damage is also caused by frequent passing of damaged roads such as dusty roads, rocky roads (makadam), bumpy roads / potholes or other road conditions. Although excess is not always the main reason for shock absorber damage because there are other reasons that also often occur, namely dirty shock absorber seals (dirty shock absorbers due to a lot of dust attached), well the presence of dry dust/dirt on the shockbreaker rod can scratch the shock absorber seals when active. (suspension), the leak of the sill is what causes the shock oil to come out and damage the pretentious.

Signs of Sokbreker Damage

Signs of damage to the shock absorber on the motorcycle are very recognizable, including:

* The motorbike often throws either left or right when passing through uneven roads, especially when it hits a hole

* The motor feels hard when used, especially when it hits a hole as if it doesn't suspend

* There is oil seepage that is dripping, in this case, if too much oil comes out, the seepage will stop. However, it does not mean that the problem is over when the seepage stops, but that the seepage stops because the oil has run out and must be repaired or replaced immediately.

* Feels uncomfortable to wear, often loses balance, the motor feels hard, etc.

Repair the shock absorber or replace with a new one

If there is damage to the shock absorber, there are 2 solutions, namely:

1. By taking it to a motorcycle shock absorber repair expert, who knows it can still be fixed. This method is actually not the method recommended by the manufacturer because the manufacturer assumes that if the shock absorber is damaged, it must be replaced with a new one, the repairs made are only temporary.

The author's experience in repairing shock absorbers can actually depend on the skill of the pretentious repairman, the expertise in repairing shock absorbers is actually no standard knowledge to fix them, most of them are self-taught or trial and error.

The shock absorber repair that the author has done is able to make the quasi last up to 6 months and then it breaks again (quite economical)

2. Replacing with a new shock absorber, this is the solution that is considered the most accurate because the new shock absorber is actually not expensive. A pair of Supra X rear shock absorbers, for example, sells for 200 thousand. Meanwhile, if you do a service, the service fee for 1 act is between 30 thousand and 50 thousand depending on the damage, if you replace the components it can be more, even up to 80 thousand for 1 shock absorber. Well approaching the new price is not it? the new price is 100 thousand 1 sok

Usually the service results are also not as good as new items in terms of performance, sometimes less soft, less balanced, etc. In addition, the durability is also far compared to the new shock absorbers

Choosing or Replacing Sokbreker

Replace the shock absorber, try to replace a new one, don't use a used one because we don't know whether it has been damaged before or not (unless a repairman can see it). Now on the market there are original shock absorbers (original from the vehicle manufacturer) and aftermarket shock absorbers (manufactured by other companies, pretentious manufacturers).

The best thing is to replace it with the original one, because basically the original motorcycle shock absorber has been adapted to the motorcycle's character. For example, the shock absorber for Honda Tiger differs from the shock absorber for the Honda Supra in terms of size (height, etc.), durability, flexibility, material, etc. Basically the original shock absorbers have been calculated and adjusted for optimal driving performance.

However, different consumer tastes also make many automotive lovers use aftermarket shock absorbers even though the price can be said to be not much different, so if automotive lovers intend to buy and replace them with aftermarket shock absorbers, there are several things that need to be considered so that later driving is not bad. very:

1. Buy a shock absorber that matches the original size (especially the length), the right size will make it easier to install, the same length of the shock absorber also makes it easier to control the motor (not lose balance). Although automotive lovers can also sacrifice this side, for example, replacing a longer shock absorber with high hopes that the bike will ride and be easy to use when going into the forest like a trail (that's okay), as long as it takes into account the aspect of driving balance (not too extreme).

2. If you are forced to buy a used shock absorber because there may be a friend who offers it at a very cheap price, what you need to check is: check if there are traces of re-welding, check if there are traces of repainting, whether there is peeling of the bottom bolt, try tack and press if normal function (if it's too hard or too soft there could be something wrong)

3. For scooter/matic shock absorbers, the requirements are more complicated, replacing the automatic shock absorbers must be of the exact same size as the original shock absorbers, the difference in size causes them to wobble when driving, especially if they are made together or through gravel or bumpy roads. The size tolerance (length) for this automatic shock absorber, many people state that it is only 1 cm, the rest is not recommended

4. Try the shock absorber test after it is installed, if strange symptoms occur such as throwing it to one side or being out of balance, it means that the size of the shock absorber doesn't fit, try asking for a replacement to get a more fitting shock absorber. we already paid should get a good one, right?

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