9 Piston Tips For Daily Bore-Up

9 Subtitusi Piston Untuk Bore-Up Harian
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Otofrend - More and more here, more and more everyday motorcycle riders who are tired of standard power want to bore-up, but there are still many who don't know what brand of motorcycle piston substitution is right to be crammed into the engine.

In order not to be disappointed later, here is a summary:

9 piston tips for your favorite motorcycle daily bore.

1. Honda CBR 150

Gambot pistons are in great demand in wild racing and drag bikes. Moreover, the original piston for this CBR 150. The piston shape is short and like racing it is very suitable for racing motorcycles. Minimal friction and lightweight.

The size is quite large for the size of a motorcycle drill up, which is 63.5mm, the ideal shape is lightweight and the short head shape allows exploration for bore-ups as well as receipts. This piston is most commonly used for free class specs

Previously it was only available for sizes up to oversize 300. Now there are two more versions. Oversized 350 and 400.

2. Kawasaki Kaze

Piston Diameter 53.5 mm is usually used for Kohar for jupiter, vega and charisma besides being cheap and not much change in the installation.

3. Kawasaki Blitz Joy

standard Blitz Joy piston, larger diameter. This piston is also known to be stubborn. If it is plugged into the Vega or Jupiter Z cylinder well, which has a standard spec of 51mm X 54mm (bore X stroke), the capacity becomes 132.9 cc. Even more toxic when applied to the New Jupiter, the specs are eleven and twelve with the Vega ZR which is 50.0mm X 57.9mm, the result is 142.5 cc.

4. Suzuki Smash

The diameter is the same as the Kaze, which is 53.5 mm, but the piston is a little bit hollow, so it's good enough to add compression.

5. Honda GL

Not much different from the Honda Sonic, the Honda GL piston is also very familyar in the 58's class. Besides the cheap price, this piston has also been proven to be strong and durable, very suitable for daily use.

6. Honda Sonic

This piston is a favorite piston in the Mio 58 class because it has a superiority in the short head when measured from the lip of the pen, very advantageous for stroke-up zero gasket and light weight allows to increase rpm.

7. Yamaha Scorpio

Of all the bore up pistons, Yamaha's piston output is very big. The diameter of the piston reaches 70 mm.

This piston has a pen hole of 16 mm. Usually to drill up extreme! Horrible...

8. Yamaha V-Ixion

There is a V-Ixion property, but the 14mm pen hole is also suitable for Suzuki scooters or ducks who want to steal a stroke

9. Yamaha Byson

By design, the piston Yamaha Byson has been produced with a forged system. So it's not only lighter. But, also a little surface that rubs against the cylinder liner.

Usually in applications to Yamaha Mio who want to bore-up so 150 cc can take Byson's piston set os 50.

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