Satria FU Engine Heats Up Fast: Here's How To Overcome It

Mesin Satria FU Cepat Panas: Berikut Cara Mengatasinya

Otofrend - I actually experienced the problem of the Satria FU motorcycle engine that heats up quickly when I bought the Satria FU motorcycle for the first time. Without further ado, I immediately started the motor and I took a walk around the village, but it was only about 1 km that the heat of the Satria Fu engine was felt.

For those of you who are new Satria FU riders using FU, especially those who previously only used motorbikes < 150 CC, don't feel weird or worry about the heat of the FU engine. Well, this time I will also give a few tips on how to deal with the satria fu machine heats up quickly.

Satria FU uses the SACS cooling system which only relies on the incoming air flow from between the oil coolers, this air flow is then used to cool the oil that is circulated in the oil cooler circulation path. Therefore, it is natural that if you take the road slowly or if there is a traffic jam, the circulation of the wind is a little less or less, that's what causes the engine to heat up faster.

Even though since I bought the Satria Fu motorbike until now I have never experienced overheating, but the heat is very disturbing driving comfort, especially on the legs. Because so many complain about this, this time I will share tips on overcoming the satria fu engine heat quickly. 

How to Overcome Satria FU's engine heats up fast

1. Always Maintain Engine Oil Quality & Quantity 

In addition to being an engine lubricant, oil also functions as a coolant that works to absorb and transfer heat from the engine.

The use of Satria FU Oil that I recommend is semi-synthetic or full-synthetic type oil (if your pocket is sufficient), with SAE 10w-40 more dilute. The advantage is that at cold temperatures, for example in the morning, this oil will circulate more easily/faster and at hot temperatures it is also not easy to thicken, so it remains cheap to circulate, transfer engine heat and reach narrow gaps in the engine.

To maintain the quality of the oil, change the oil and oil filter regularly and regularly as recommended. Each brand is different - different, but usually for semi-synthetic oil the oil change period is 2500km.

Also change the oil filter every 3 oil changes, because the oil filter functions to filter out dirt that is dissolved in the oil.

Regarding Oil Quantity, always check the amount of oil in the engine, how to look at the glass under the motor/kick starter gap, because 10w-40 diluted oil is easy to evaporate when compared to the 20w-50 type. Also prepare reserve oil to anticipate if there is a decrease in the volume of oil / below the center line limit. 

2. Maintain Air Cooler Condition 

The fins of the air cooler are bent, or filled with dirt and will reduce the ability to cool. Air cooler fins are easy to dent and bend, to reduce the risk of dents you can use an air cooler cover.

3. Keep Machine Clean Condition 

You need to keep the engine clean, especially the engine block and fins, because their function is quite important to release heat from the engine out. Dirt, dust or mud and crust attached to the engine block and fins can hinder the engine cooling process.

4. Use Cooling Accessories 

There are several accessories that you can install to help cool the engine temperature when needed, for example an additional fan installed in the oil cooler to help cool the oil or using an additional air hose mounted on the oil filling hole and a magnetic peephole to help dissipate heat from inside out (This is only when needed).

Well, those are some tips for overcoming the hot satria fu motorbike, I hope this article is useful for satria fu lovers.

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