How to Make Motorcycles More Fuel Efficient

Cara Agar Sepeda Motor Lebih Irit Bahan Bakar

Otofrend - Living in a big city that often faces traffic jams and long-distance travel makes the use of motorized vehicle fuel (BBM) more.

The use of a lot of fuel will force vehicle users to spend even more.

So that expenses do not swell and match expenses every month, vehicle users, especially motorized vehicles, must be smart in controlling fuel expenditure.

There are six ways you can do to save on daily fuel expenses.

1. How to Drive

Knowledge of how to drive is important to achieve maximum fuel efficiency. Each motorcycle user has a different driving character. To save fuel usage, the driver must control the motor speed more stable.

2. Check Tire Pressure

One of the factors that can make the motor wasteful of fuel if the wind pressure on the motor wheel is less. The lack of air pressure makes the wheels spin harder and the motor runs slower. As a result, more fuel is needed.

3. Check Wheel Condition

Heavy or imprecise wheel rotation will only waste fuel. This usually often occurs on wheels that are rims or "speleng".

4. Quality lubricant

The selection of quality lubricants certainly affects the performance of the motor. Quality lubricants will make the friction in the motor engine smoother, can reduce engine heat temperature which ultimately makes fuel consumption more efficient.

5. Perform spark plug replacement and cleaning

Pay attention to the spark plug axis and check whether the spark plug is still functioning normally or has decreased ability. Troubled spark plugs contribute to fuel wastage. Not only makes the motor wasteful of fuel, even the motor engine can later be damaged.

6. Pay attention to the condition and specifications of the vehicle

Not only paying attention to how to drive, the condition and specifications of the vehicle also affect the maximum fuel oil (BBM).

Accommodating the needs of the community, especially the premium class that prioritizes intelligence in driving, technology that is able to make fuel efficient can be chosen.

For example, the blue core technology on the Yamaha AEROX 155VVA makes the engine performance more optimal but still fuel efficient.

AEROX 155VVA comes with three types, namely: AEROX 155VVA – S Version, AEROX 155VVA – R Version and AEROX 155VVA.

AEROX 155VVA – S Version features a Stop & Start System (SSS) which reduces unnecessary fuel consumption when the motor is idle or stopped.

In fact, the Smart Motor Generator (SMG) on the AEROX 155VVA – S Version also makes the motor sound smoother when turned on.

Meanwhile, the AEROX 155VVA – R Version makes for a more stable driving experience through its two features, such as Subtank RR Suspension, and bumpy disc brakes.

Specially designed for sporty scooters in Indonesia, the AEROX 155VVA has the characteristics of a dashing and aerodynamic body.

Plus the sporty impression is increasingly emphasized by the characteristic "X" motif on the side.

Driving with the AEROX 155VVA not only brings pride to the driver and passengers, but also gives more advantages in terms of fuel.

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