Suzuki FU engine overheated, here's how to deal with it

Mesin Suzuki FU Kepanasan, Begini Cara Mengatasinya

Otofrend - The problem of complaints about the engine overheating on the Suzuki Satria FU moped is indeed often complained of by its users. The heat of the engine has been felt even though it has only been running for about 1 km or just walking around the complex.

For users who are new, of course, it will cause a sense of concern. Especially for those of you who previously only used mopeds with engine capacities below 150cc. Actually, the condition of the engine overheating on the Suzuki Satria FU is nothing to worry about.

You don't even need to replace the spark plug with a cold type spark plug in the hope that it will be a solution to the engine overheating. Instead, it makes it hard for your iron horse to turn on and what's even worse, spark plugs die easily and end up making a hole in your pocket because you often buy spark plugs.

The cooling system used by Suzuki Satria FU is SACS (Suzuki Advanced Cooling System). Developed by Suzuki engineer Etsuo Yokouchi in the early 1980s. This cooling system was used extensively for the GSXR models from 1985 to 1992.

The motorcycle manufacturer based in Hamamatsu City, Japan then used this technology for the GSF (Bandit), GSX (GSX-F, GSX1400, Inazuma) to the 2006 model and the DR650 from 1990 to the present. Engines that use the SACS system in general have good durability. The SACS cooling system relies heavily on airflow entering through the 'oil cooler' fins.

This airflow is then used to cool the oil which is circulated through the 'oil cooler' line. So it is very natural that if the motorcycle is invited to walk slowly, the engine temperature will increase quickly.

Then what is the solution? Here are the steps you can take to overcome the Suzuki Satria FU engine overheating.

First, the quality and quantity of oil must receive attention. One of the functions of oil, aka lubricant, is as a coolant to absorb and transfer the heat in the engine.

In addition, it has another function as a lubricant that coats the friction between components in the engine which of course causes hot temperatures. The factory standard oil for Suzuki Satria FU is SGO. This oil is mineral based with a viscosity rating of SAE 20w-50. It would be nice if you use semi-synthetic or even full-synthetic oil if your budget is sufficient. 

Meanwhile, to maintain the quality of the oil is to change the oil and oil filter regularly. Change the oil filter every 3 oil changes. Also prepare an oil stock in case of an emergency need to add oil.

Second, maintenance of the oil cooler. The grille or fins of the oil cooler are prone to bending, especially for users who frequently wash their motorbikes in motorbike washes that use high-pressure water sprayers.

To overcome this, namely by installing a cover for the oil cooler and washing the motor independently. Third, pay attention to the cleanliness of the engine. The engine block and fins on the oil cooler have an important function to release heat from the engine to the outside air.

Dirt adhering to the outside of the engine can inhibit heat release. The solution is to clean it regularly, especially after passing through muddy roads.

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